Tahoe Fund

On most Monday mornings the Meiling Room is very quiet but not so on Monday, Sept. 23. The entire room turned into a hub of activity compliments of a workshop sponsored by The Tahoe Fund. Using a Community Fund Grant provided by Parasol, The Tahoe Fund invited representatives from public and private organizations around the Tahoe Region to come together to collaborate on a combined message of stewardship.tahoe-fund-inside

"The problem is not a lack of stewardship messaging, but rather too many messages that are not coordinated," said Amy Berry, CEO of Tahoe Fund.

The workshop included more than 60 representatives from organizations in the Tahoe Region addressing the issue of environmental stewardship.  For three hours ideas flowed around the room to form a common stewardship message. Facilitator Paquita Bath used the World Café method and as the group discussion ended it was clear to all attending that the Tahoe Region needs one clear and coordinated stewardship campaign.

In the coming months The Tahoe Fund along with the coordinating organizations – League to Save Lake Tahoe, Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, UC Davis – Tahoe Environmental  Research Center, Tahoe Resource Conservation District, Truckee River Watershed Council and Tahoe Sustainability Collaborative – will work to develop the campaign and prepare it for use by the public and private sectors in the region.  Watch for more details in the months ahead.


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