Tahoe Youth and Family Services

In June Parasol awarded a Community Fund Grant to Tahoe Youth and Family Services. This grant has supported the healthy recovery and increased health of North Lake Tahoe residents through substance abuse treatment services at the Donald W. Reynolds Community Non-Profit Center. The additional funds helped provide substance abuse evaluations and treatment services including individual and group counseling sessions by a Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselor. lady in recovery

The counseling and substance abuse prevention and treatment programs at Tahoe Youth and Family Services have helped people become clean and sober with 68 percent substance abuse treatment and counseling clients successfully completing the program last fiscal year and 76 percent of their clients improving or resolving their primary issue for counseling. About 30 percent more clients successfully completed TYFS’ substance abuse treatment program then compared to the 39 percent who completed non-residential (outpatient) substance abuse treatment programs nationally.

Parasol is very pleased to support the TYFS program through a Community Fund Grant as well as an office space grant for the DWR Center. TYFS is helping local community members make positive change in their life.

As a teen client recently said, “I have learned to be more hopeful and I learned to love myself and that I can do anything I set my mind to.  I learned that I can move on from people who hurt me.”


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