Your Community Foundation

Together, we dedicate our efforts to strengthening our communities, building a better place for us to live, work and play, and providing a more promising future for Tahoe. We do this by helping you meet your charitable goals today and creating a plan for continuing those goals into the future.

We accept all types of gifts—from simple cash contributions and appreciated securities to more complex gifts, helping you benefit from the most favorable tax deductions. Our team of investment professionals is committed to maximizing your charitable dollars while moderating risk. Our staff is here to support you every step of the way, from researching charitable organizations to help you make informed giving decisions, to creating long-term plans to help you continue your charitable legacy in perpetuity.

Our new Guide to Charitable Giving walks you through all the ways Parasol can assist you with your charitable giving. Call us today or stop by the office to start talking about your charitable giving plan. We look forward to hearing from you.

To arrange a personal meeting to discuss how Parasol can help you with your charitable giving, please contact Claudia Andersen, our CEO, at 775-298-0187. We are also available to meet with you and your professional advisors—CPA, estate attorney, financial planner—to assist you in creating your charitable giving plan.

Hear what some of our donors are saying…


      "Something very few people realize is that it is not easy to give money away.
       You have to know what you are doing. Parasol really made it a lot easier for us.”
                 -Marge & Manny Sylvester, Parasol Donor Advised Fundholder





“I think of philanthropy as anything I can do to make the community—the world—a better place. Having a donor advised fund at Parasol is a way of being involved in the comGeorgemunity and leveraging the impact of our charitable dollars. I personally get great satisfaction in supporting organizations that help solve problems, rather than simply provide temporary solutions.”

                -George Ashley, CPA, Parasol Board Treasurer, Parasol Donor Advised Fundholder



“The ease and convenRowlandience of charitable giving from our fund has certainly lived up to our expectations.”

                -Tom Rowland, Parasol Donor Advised Fundholder







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