News-Agency of the Year

Thunderbird Lodge Preservation Society

The Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation is pleased to announce the Thunderbird Lodge Preservation Society as the 2014 Agency of the Year. The Thunderbird Lodge Preservation Society focuses on preserving the amazing George Whittell Estate along with its famous Thunderbird Yacht.inside-thunderbird

The Thunderbird Lodge was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2000 and the Thunderbird Yacht has its own history as one of the most unique and elegant wooden boats at Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe’s history is filled with legends, stories and rumors of the activities and events centered at the Thunderbird Lodge that will be preserved for future generations through the Preservation Society.

Thunderbird Lodge Preservation Society board and staff have been looking towards future sustainability by effectively incorporating an endowment, held at the Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation, in their planning process. To honor this achievement, Parasol awarded a $1,000 grant that was deposited into the Thunderbird Lodge Preservation Society’s endowment fund during its Open House on June 26.

To learn more about the Thunderbird Lodge Preservation please visit