News-Catherine Hutton Markwell

Welcome to Parasol’s Board

Parasol’s Board of Directors announces the appointment of Catherine Hutton Markwell to its Board. Catherine, her husband, David, and their children have not lived in Incline Village very long but have already established deep community relationships. Catherine is the chair for one of the events for a local non-profit and the family is totally involved in the outdoor activities Tahoe offers whether it is hiking as a family to Hidden Beach or skiing. In fact it is the life style of Tahoe that originally attracted Catherine and her husband to their current home.Catherine-Hutton-Markwell-inside

“We wanted an environment that would be good for our family and Tahoe allowed us to have our cake and eat it too,” said Catherine.

Catherine’s roots are fixed firmly in the Silicon Valley where she helped build a small start-up called BizWorld into an international non-profit organization serving almost half a million children. The organization provides fun, project-based programs promoting financial responsibility, leadership and teamwork skills for elementary and middle school students around the world.

As a strong advocate for entrepreneurship and innovative education she has been a featured speaker promoting entrepreneurship, business and financial education as well as topics of board development and fundraising.

“Catherine’s experience in board management and fundraising will bring a powerful new dimension to our board,” said David Hardie, Chairman of the Board.

Since early in her career, philanthropic work has been part of Catherine’s passion. During the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, Spain she worked for the Spanish government as Protocol Liaison and served as a resource for visiting dignitaries. Civic engagement is high on her list of priorities for board involvement and has helped other non-profit organizations focus on making a difference in their community.

“I am excited to have Catherine on Parasol’s Board with her knowledge and passion for philanthropy and civic engagement,” said Claudia Andersen, CEO. “Her expertise of the non-profit world will be an invaluable resource.”