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AmeriCorps Team 2013-2014: Getting Things Done for Tahoe

Arriving in Tahoe at the beginning of September, the 2013- 2014 Parasol AmeriCorps team quickly learned about Getting Things Done for Tahoe.  The first task assigned to the team, the Trail of Treats and Terror, was on Thursday, Oct. 24 and was not an easy task. The team met the challenge head on and before the end of the event more than 1,000 people had walked through the DWR Center’s Halloween Extravaganza.

Next up for the entire team is a community service project. The team has a rather large challenge to put together this project. Last year, the AmeriCorps team community service project, “IES Rocks! A Day of Dirt, Service and Community” was so successful that it received national recognition. Not an easy act to follow. But our community is about to experience yet another project selected by our capable 2013-2014 team. For more information about the community service project and to fill out an application click on the AmeriCorps button on the right side of this webpage and click on the Service Project Application tab. All applications must be completed by Jan.3.

Last year the AmeriCorps team had a member in the Incline Elementary School for the first time in six years. The 2012-2013 AmeriCorps team member coordinated the science education program for IES and it was an amazing year for science in the school. Elementary students found science enriching, exciting and a new enthusiasm was created for the annual Science Fair. This year the 2013-2014 Parasol AmeriCorps program has two members at the Incline Elementary School. The science program again has a member continuing the program and now a member has been added to enrich literacy at the school. The Literacy Outreach Coordinator at Incline Elementary School has already set up several exciting new projects to promote reading for the students. The programs include a Reading Club, one-on-one help with reading in the classroom and after-school tutoring.inside

The Reading Club started In November and has been extremely popular with more than 50 children signing up for the club. Parasol is pleased to have been able to provide more than 80 new children’s books through an in-kind donation from a publisher. The books will be used for the reading club and a bookshelf used by students to check out books each day as they leave school.

Parasol‘s AmeriCorps members not only continue to Get Things Done for Tahoe, they make a difference and provide solutions to community needs.