News-Barbara Perlman-Whyman and Andrew Whyman

Barbara Perlman-Whyman and Andrew Whyman - Stewards of the Tahoe Region

Barbara Perlman-Whyman and Andrew Whyman moved to Incline Village as full-time residents in 2002 and immediately became active citizens of the entire Tahoe Region. whyman-photo

Barbara said they have always appreciated the critical role non-profits, volunteerism, and philanthropy play in all our lives. The Whymans are stewards of environmental, conservation and sustainability projects in the Tahoe Region. They support programs which assist our diverse populations meet their needs. Some passions include helping to bring state-of-the-art medical advances to our rural medicine facilities, education, recreation, the arts and libraries.

“We believe that when you live in a community that you love and that gives you so much every day thanks to others who came before you, you gladly contribute whatever and whenever you can to make the future the best that it can be for all who follow,” Barbara said.

Barbara has served on numerous boards, committees, citizen groups and decision-making bodies in the region as well as for the county and state. She sat on the Tahoe Rim Trail Association Board for many years and currently serves on the North Tahoe Family Resource Center Board. She is the elected Voting Delegate representing Nevada on the National Association of Conservation Districts Board in Washington D. C. and Supervisor and Vice Chair of the Nevada Tahoe Conservation District.

Both Barbara and Andrew served six years on the Advisory Council for Tahoe Forest Hospital to develop and build the new state-of-the-art Cancer Hospital in Truckee and contribute to the psychosocial award winning program. Barbara still serves on the Accountability and the Innovation Committees.

For many years both Andrew and Barbara wrote weekly columns published in the local North Lake Tahoe Bonanza.
Andrew has hosted the community Fireside Chats for the past four years. This collaboration with Sierra Nevada College and IVGID Senior Programs has provided up close and personal interviews with community citizens like the IVGID General Manager and even a former National Intelligence Council official through discussions and dialogue.

Andrew also has consulted and served on numerous committees in the Tahoe Region. He served for three years on the Washoe County Senior Citizen Advisory Board and was instrumental in the acquisition of the Incline Village Senior Program’s Bus. He is currently the Special Consultant in Student Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services at Sierra Nevada Collage. And he can be found at most community meetings and events and always has something significant to say. One of his favorite community meetings is the weekly North Lake Tahoe Bonanza Community Meeting where he has often promoted civility when topics have become highly emotional.

In 2011 the Whymans donated a bronze sculpture of two girls and three boys playing in a tree and benches and plants to help create the outside Discovery Garden area of the Incline Village Library.

“We wanted the community to have a pleasant place to sit outside on lovely days,” said Barbara.

The Whymans have been consistent supporters of the library since the 2005 opening of the award winning building in Incline and continue to support the entire Washoe Library System. Barbara established the North Tahoe Library Coalition several years ago and enthusiastically continues to support their efforts. The Coalition meets monthly and is comprised of North Tahoe Librarians united by the common goal of promoting cultural, literacy and technology programs in the Tahoe Basin.

In 2006 The Whymans opened a donor advised fund at Parasol. It allows Barbara and Andrew to easily make contributions and leverage the impact of their charitable dollars.

“It has been wonderful. It has been an easy and flexible way to donate and be able to support a wide range of organizations (from the Tahoe Fund to the Incline Boosters) and causes (the Angora Fire victims) that deepen the lives of the people in the Tahoe Region and beyond,” said Barbara. “And equally important, it supports Parasol, an Incline Village jewel, whose staff and volunteers never get the recognition they deserve for all that they do for our community. We are proud to be part of Parasol’s family of funds!”