News-CASA El Dorado

Advocates for Abused and Neglected Children

CASA El Dorado provides a caring advocate for abused and neglected children in the community. Its mission is to recruit, train and support volunteer advocates who work directly with foster youth.  The Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation provided CASA with a 2013 Community Fund Grant.

“We are proud to report that once again this past year, we served more than 350 children throughout the county and that 98 percent of the children who are served by our advocates will not re-experience abuse and neglect,” John Adams, Executive Director of CASA said.

We are making a measurable and lasting difference in the lives of these children and although it is impossible to tie the grant to one specific foster child, Adams said he would share a story about one youth helped by an advocate to illustrate what advocates do and the outcomes that are possible.

"One of our advocates worked for the past few years with a foster youth who had been a troubled teen. Eventually the young man started making progress with his advocate but the advocate developed health issues making it necessary to give up his work. casa A new advocate took over and was able to guide the young man through his High School career and helped him apply for college scholarships. The young man finished high school with a 4.0 GPA and received a full scholarship to UCLA.  He also finished his first semester at UCLA with a 4.0."

“This tells what is possible when someone cares enough to become a CASA Advocate,” Adams said.
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