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Ron Randolph-Wall and Linda Brinkley

“Each person’s vision of philanthropy is uniquely their own,” said Claudia Andersen, CEO. “With many important causes to support and a variety of methods for charitable giving, the opportunities for generosity are endless.”

Philanthropists Linda Brinkley and Ron Randolph-Wall recently opened a Donor Advised Fund at Parasol for several reasons and being a part of the community was an important factor.linda-and-ron-inside

“We investigated a couple of other places for a Donor Advised Fund and felt Parasol was part of the community, well-managed and we knew a lot of people associated with Parasol,” said Linda Brinkley. “The people and mission were most attractive.”

Brinkley and Randolph-Wall enjoy exploring causes that support the health and well-being of children as well as education.  This passion for education comes naturally to Brinkley, as she spent her professional life in academics at universities. Both Brinkley and Randolph-Wall have served on the boards of different local non-profits and stay involved in the community. Randolph-Wall is founder of the international company, Quantum Loyalty Systems. He started the company in New York and in 1998 moved it to Incline Village where he proclaimed the sky is bigger. He has since sold the company to Comcast.

Parasol is the oldest and largest community foundation at Tahoe. It provides simple and convenient ways for donors to give to specific causes and organizations and connect to non-profits in the Tahoe Region. Through the generosity of Parasol’s donors some pretty amazing things happen to make a difference in the Tahoe Region. Parasol is pleased to welcome Linda Brinkley and Randolph-Wall to the Parasol Family and we look forward to helping them make a positive charitable impact.