Lahontan Community Foundation Fund Grants

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to create many challenges in our region. This pandemic caused a disruption in the Lahontan Community Foundation Fund grant cycle, causing the Grants’ Committee to refocus funding by immediately issuing emergency grants to assist with critical services and our most vulnerable populations.

The Lahontan Community Foundation Fund Grants' Committee worked closely with the Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation for the past several weeks to identify and support the most urgent needs of the North Tahoe and Truckee region.

"The Lahontan Community Foundation Fund has granted $1.8 million since its inception in 2002 to support the important work of nonprofits in the North Tahoe and Truckee community," said Suzanne Smith, Lahontan Community Foundation Fund Board President. "Our Lahontan members feel a responsibility to help preserve this area and support the local community we cherish so much. During this unprecedented pandemic, we are committed to help projects that provide food, shelter, medical and mental health services to local residents."

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to the Lahontan Community Foundation Fund, all of its supporters, and these incredible nonprofits for helping to keep our community healthy and safe throughout this pandemic.

The following emergency grants were provided:

Tahoe Forest Health System Foundation awarded $50,000

Sierra Community House awarded $20,000

Boys and Girls Club of North Lake Tahoe awarded $15,000

Gateway Mountain Center awarded $13,500

Humane Society of Truckee-Tahoe awarded $10,000

Sierra Senior Services awarded $5,000

We appreciate all of the hardworking nonprofits who put careful thought, time and resources into the development of their grant applications for this cycle, and we will be in touch if we have an opportunity to work with any of these nonprofits in the future.