Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation Celebrates 25 Years


By Natalie Parrish

It started over a cup of coffee - well, that’s the rumor anyway.  Some have said that Warren Trepp was the visionary, Carla Hanson was the heart. We can confirm that both of Parasol’s founders were passionate philanthropists who brainstormed an idea and combined their unique talents.  With the assemblage of community members, they brought Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation to life 25 years ago in Tahoe.  


The first US community foundation was set up in 1914 as a way to manage permanent funds for charity-minded citizens and to deliver meaningful grants on their behalf.  Today, Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation is one of over 750 community foundations in the US supporting nonprofit organizations through leadership and partnership, and an avenue for philanthropists to influence community enhancement.


Since its inception, Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation has awarded $91 Million in grants.  It serves a variety of roles that allow donors to connect to causes they care about by: 

  • Supporting nonprofits through grantmaking, education, and resources.
  • Partnering with donors in creating charitable funds that meet their specific needs and interests, and that protect their intent and legacy.
  • Participating in community leadership throughout the Tahoe basin with collaboration and connection of ideas and resources. 


Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation focuses on serving the community and nonprofit organizations making a difference through grantmaking focused on five program areas: Social well-being resources and programs; arts and culture; education and mentorship opportunities; environmental sustainability, education, and stewardship; and community engagement through strategic partnerships, civic initiatives, and faith-based causes.


The Community Foundation has been a catalyst of leadership development and collaboration.  For 15 years, Parasol set incredible standards through the creation and underwriting of its model AmeriCorps program.  In 2002, they opened the Donald W. Reynolds Community Nonprofit Center, providing grant supported resident office space, as well as meeting, event, and storage space to nonprofit organizations.  And always evolving, the Community Foundation keeps its finger on the pulse of the community by staying involved in issues to protect our future, such as wildfire prevention, housing, and economic sustainability.


“The Community Foundation helps people who want to be charitable make a difference,” says Claudia Andersen, Parasol’s CEO.  “We focus on rescue and relief during crisis, as well as long-term philanthropic development.”

Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation is built on the strength of donors who deeply care about their community - because every community needs a strong foundation


Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to cultivating community philanthropy and supporting the people and places of Tahoe. For more information on Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation, visit: